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Post by JettsonBE on Thu Jul 17, 2014 10:54 pm

Translated S rank Spawn Conditions


   La Noscea

  Middle La Noscea (Croque-Mitaine)

   JP Theory: Mining for Grade 3 La Noscean Soil at an Unspoiled Node (19:00~22:00)

   JP Client Direct Translation:
   "Above all, goobbues are proud of the plants that grow atop their heads. Each day, they enthusiastically care for the plants by pouring fresh river water and sprinkling fertilizer on their heads. However, they are extremely possessive.... One after another, adventurers in search of high quality soil for gardening have been slain. If you plan on gardening yourself, be careful not to bother the goobbues."

   English Client:
   “While gardening has long been a craft rich in obsession and madness, the goobbue Croque-Mitaine has taken the legacy to new extremes... From the river whose water irrigates the artful plantings upon his head to the pastures rich in worm castings, the creature keeps a jealous eye on the many wild places that supply his cephalic paradise. Many an unwary orchid hunter, vermicomposter, and moss monger have met their end at the Croque-Mitaine's hands, and its green thumb is well stained with their life's blood.”
Upper La Noscea (Nandi)

   JP Theory: Walk around with minions (or possibly chocobo companion)

   JP Client Direct Translation:
   "Using the power of his evil gaze, this beast has petrified a variety of creatures and turned them into statues for his own satisfaction. His identity has been legend as this catoblepas has survived deep in the mountains of Vylbrand for a long time. The locals call him 'Nandi.' You'd be better off avoiding travels to Upper La Noscea with any weird companions unless you want to meet the same fate."

   English Client:
   “Called the Critic by cowering locals, Nandi uses its petrifying gaze to turn passing creatures into works of art for its perverse pleasure alone. Ever has this catoblepas haunted the mountains of Vylbrand, yoked by the weight of its gross head, prodding the stone paths conjured by its downcast eyes. Nothin' so dangerous as a stillborn artist, they say. Don't you go temptin' the wretch with good material, if you know what I'm sayin'.”

  Lower La Noscea (Croakadile)

   JP Theory: Past nightfall (19:00?) after the weather changes to rain at 16:00

   JP Client Direct Translation:
   "A yellowjacket was searching for a man that was reported lost by his wife. Apparently, her husband was searching for a ring that he lost. Although his wife urged him to forget about it because it was nighttime, her husband ignored the advice as he thought he would be okay since there was more than enough moonlight. After his disappearance, she frantically looked for her husband but he was nowhere to be found. A particularly fat frog was found in the vicinity of where he disappeared...."

   English Client:
   "Frogs of inconvenient size are a legion, but surprisingly few of them seek fodder commensurate with their size. The Croakadile is one such unwelcome surprise. The first known victim during the present manifestation is reported to be a franklin who felt his ring slip off during a nightly walk with his lady. He turned back down the path, and his lady saw him reach down just as the moon took cover behind a cloud. When the moonlight returned, he had vanished.”

  Eastern La Noscea (Garlok)

   JP Theory: After a heavy rain

   JP Client Direct Translation:
   "It's rumored that the monster known as "Garlok" lurks at the end of a dimly lit cavern on Bloodshore. These rumors fell upon the ears of the Master of Costa del Sol, Gegeruju, who had his subordinates search for Garlok's lair. However, his curiosity got the best of him. Although the beast was lulled into dreamland by the rain, once that guy was woken up from his sleepy haze, he began to rampage."

   English Client:
   “A monster long said to dwell in the eternal twilight of a cavern, Garlok was but an idle tale for generations of Bloodshore's children. However, one child was ill content to be idle, and his name was Gegeruju, the Master of Costa del Sol. At his command, a party entered the cavern in search of Garlok... Well, you get the idea. They found the beast and woke the damn thing up. Now it's well rested and still a mite annoyed at being roused with torches and arrows.”

  Western La Noscea (Bonnacon)

   JP Theory: Gathering for La Noscean Leeks at an Unspoiled Node (8:00~11:00)

   JP Client Direct Translation:
   As tensions rise with the Sahagins, more Maelstrom officers have established a presence in Western La Noscea. The giant cow known as "Bonnacon" is usually mild-tempered but when he feels cornered, he's certain to lash out and attack. One thing many victims have had in common is that they've been merchants dealing with rare leafy greens. Apparently, the fragrance excited Bonnacon.

   English Client:
   “Once known as a mild and even affectionate beast, Bonnacon is afflicted with a fit that comes upon him like a caul of fire. Tossing his great head in torment and rage, this bull gores to death his unfortunate victims, many of them greengrocers. Phrontists have implicated a rare variety of cabbage in triggering the violent attack. The Maelstrom should worry a mite less about fish and a mite more about these other creatures, if you ask me─the kind that's killing folk right now in western La Noscea, for example.”
Outer La Noscea (Manishu)

   JP Theory: Multiple unconscious PCs

   JP Client Direct Translation
   "The scent of death draws the creature known as Manishu [JP: Chernobog] out from the shadows. According to a tablet unearthed in the Floating Ruins, he was summoned during the War of the Magi at the end of the Fifth Astral Era to aid the hostile forces in the conquest of Nym. It took dozens of scholars to seal him away, but something has caused him to wake up once again."

   English Client
   “In death does Mahisha find its purpose, and so the scent of corse-flower is sweet to this creature. A stele unearthed at Nym records that Mahisha was summoned during the War of the Magi in the Fifth Astral Era, for the conquest of the Floating City. The ploy failed and Mahisha was bound at great cost, by the efforts of some two score phrontists of Nym. What broke the tethers is not known, though there are theories ranging from the Calamity to the humble weevil.”

   Black Shroud

  Central Shroud (Laideronnette)

   JP Theory: Pops in the weather condition after rain.

   JP Client Direct Translation
   "In Gridania, there was once a girl with beautiful red hair. However, misfortune suddenly struck during the Seventh Umbral Era when she lost both of her parents. In her deep sorrow, all of her red hair fell out and her beauty was gone... in the end, there was no mercy for her. One day, she disappeared from the city.... After these sad events unfolded, a red serpent has appeared in the forest during continuous rainstorms and begun to attack people. Rumor has it that the girl has transformed into a snake and is trying to spread her misery."

   English Client
   “Laideronnette, the red serpent of the glade. One of many monstrosities to manifest themselves following the Calamity, Laideronnette's attacks coincide with rainfall, a fact which demonologists deem significant. Most experts agree that the loathsome serpent is the residuum of Laideronnette the wainwright's red-haired daughter, who was orphaned in the Calamity and fell into grief both bitter and formless, given to shrieking that all the world should weep with her. Colorful. All you need know is that a giant red serpent has been feeding on man-flesh in the forests. Best to put it out of its misery, don't you think?”

  East Shroud (Wulgaru)

   JP Theory: Clear the Sylphlands FATE chain or the Imperial army FATE.

   JP Client Direct Translation
   Some poachers were assumed to be captured by the forest. The trees of the forest often ensnare them overnight to teach them a small lesson. However, when the Wood Wailers went to find them the next morning, the poachers were gone, assumed to be captured by the false tree, Wulgaru. Although he usually mimics trees, when he hears a lot of noise, he gains a thirst for blood. Pay attention over the sounds of combat so you don't miss him coming."

   English Client
   “Wulgaru, the false tree. Not a few poachers have vanished after being bound overnight to these vampiric man-eaters by unsuspecting Wood Wailers. The Wulgaru is also drawn by noise and commotion, breaking its arboreal disguise to feast on the blood of its favorite prey: man. In other words, go quietly and fight stealthily, adventurer. If a tree comes alive in the forest, you're not likely to notice until too late.”
South Shroud(Mindflayer)

   JP Theory: Pops at new moon?

   JP Client Direct Translation
   "When the remnants of the Lambs of Dalamud cult last entered the Black Shroud, it's rumored that they entered into an unholy pact with the one known as 'Mindflayer.' In the twelve tiers of voidsent established by scholars, this guy was put in fifth place. The gruesome bastard sips the brains out of men. On the day of the new moon, human skeletons draw the spirit out as ritual sacrifice seems to manifest him into this world. Take care, and keep the blessings of Menphina with you."

   English Client
   "Mindflayer, a major voidsent also notable for its dealings with the remnants of the Lambs of Dalamud in the Black Shroud. Of the twelve tiers of the voidsent hierarchy put forth by scholars, the Mindflayer falls into the fifth. It has a grisly penchant for sucking out the brains of men, its favored prey. Most rumors are to be dismissed out of hand, yet this is not one of them. Moonless nights are when their rites grow the foulest. Only death and decay can chisel for them a foothold in this world. Walk with Menphina, adventurer, lest the hunter become the hunted.”
North Shroud (Thousand-cast Theda)

   JP Theory: Fish up a Judgeray (found on the lakeside coast of Fallgourd Float)

   JP Client Direct Translation
   "This huge ochu reigns over the northern forest. The reason he grows so large is due to a secret food. Typically, ochus like to eat insects that are attracted by their sweet scent, but Theda uses his long tentacle-like vines to go fishing instead, and he eats the fish he catches. He especially prefers to prey on stingrays. If you're fishing on your own and you try to catch one, you may also become his prey yourself."

   English Client
   “Botanists call Thousand-cast Theda as well grown a specimen of ochu as ever has been recorded in the North Shroud, but the foolishness of botanists is a fact well known and oft deplored. Most species of this carnivorous family of bindweed use scent to lure their insect prey. Theda, however, is a plant notably lacking in patience and has evolved tentacle-like vines to pluck fish from water, and grows outsized on its rich meals. Along with the fisherfolk of the Shroud, Thousand-cast Theda is the main predator of the Quilled Brimstone Ray. Theda's other favored prey is, coincidentally, the fisherfolk of the Shroud. Hunters suspect a connection, but the foolishness of hunters is a fact well-known.”


  Central Thanalan (Brontos)[/B]

   JP Theories: "Let them Eat Cactus" FATE (called "Cactus Salad" in the JP version), someone cooking something, or someone eating something.

   JP Client Direct Translation:
   "A few years ago, the Adventurers' Guild captured a ferocious Cyclops and separated him from his family on Vylbrand Island. However, his power was too strong to contain. After being sold off to an Ul'dahn circus, he later killed two of his captors and escaped. By the way, when he was at the circus, he acquired a taste for good food and he seems to show up when he smells delicious cooking."

   English Client:
   “One of a pair of cyclops captured several years ago on Vylbrand by the Adventurers' Guild and subsequently separated. Brontes was sold to an Ul'dahn circus, where he proved a prize draw, and never more so than on his last day, when he slew two of his keepers over a haunch of venison barded in flare fat before escaping. Having learned the joys of enlightened cuisine during his captivity, the cyclops is drawn by the aroma of cooking, much to the terror of culinarians.”

  Western Thanalan (Zona Seeker)

   JP Theory: Fish up a Glimmerscale from Nophica's Well.

   JP Client Direct Translation:
   "The Zona Seeker is a sky monster who has caused trouble again and again for Highwind Skyways with his attacks on airships. Usually you can fly through the high altitudes calmly, but not if he shows up. When it spots a glimmering object from the sky, however, it dives down to low altitude. I'm a little worried about it, so I prefer dull copper armor to shiny."

   English Client:
   “Few have seen Zona Seeker, such is the altitude it keeps in its deadly flight. Its elusiveness would trouble none but the most ardent scholars of airborne monstrosities, were it not for the many airships of Highwind Skyways lost to Zona Seeker's attacks. The beast near landed on me once. That was a bit of a scare, let me tell you! Flashes of light draw it─must've been the brushed bronze pauldrons I was wearin'.”
Eastern Thanalan (Lampalagua)

   JP Theory: Take part in a certain number of Battlecraft Leves.

   JP Client Direct Translation:
   "During transport to the Coliseum, the multi-headed dragon Lampalagua [JP: Balaur] destroyed his cage on the truck that was carrying him and escaped. The creature is fierce as he was originally specially trained for combat in the games, and trained to respond to the excitement of the crowds and the hustle and bustle of battle. Take care when you're fighting in Eastern Thanalan - if he think a battle is brewing, he might show up."

   English Client:
   “Lampalagua. A dragon of many heads, cage-born and stadium-bred. His escape en route to the Coliseum was a major embarrassment for his handlers, or more precisely, to their heirs. Each head having been blooded as a hatchling, Lampalagua is exceptionally barbarous and exquisitely attuned to the bloodlust of the crowd. Lacking a conventional audience in the wilds of eastern Thanalan, Lampalagua has instead taken to appearing wherever violent business is afoot.”
Southern Thanalan (Nunyunuwi)

   JP Theory: Clear the desert FATE chain

   JP Client Direct Translation:
   "There are many golems located in Southern Thanalan. These are believed to have been brought forth to protect the Sunken Temple of Qarn by the mages who built Belah'dia. Among the golems, "Nunyunuwi" is an especially huge threat. When he isn't moving, he blends into the surrounding landscape, but, being imprinted with a defensive instinct, he will wake up and begin to move when a large-scale battle takes place."

   English Client:
   “The large population of golems in southern Thanalan is ascribed by mainstream historians to the mages of Belah'dia, who made the sturdy guardians for the protection of the Temple of Qarn. Among these sad remnants of a civilization lost to time, Nunyunuwi stands out for his exceptional size and stealth. At rest, he vanishes into the landscape of tors and boulders. Only a sizable battle will rouse the stone soldier to his ancient duty: to fight to the death.”
Northern Thanalan (Minhocao)

   JP Theory: Collect a large number of Earth sprite cores in the FATE "Core Blimey"

   JP Client Direct Translation:
   "Convoys from the Amajina & Sons mining company were attacked by the huge worm Minhocao and suffered great losses. The convoy was carrying a catalyst to be used during the purification of ceruleum. Apparently, that's what he was after. If you want to try to Minhocao on, you'll need to lure him out using quite a lot of bait."

   English Client:
   “Ah, yes, the sandworm. Large concerns like Amajina & Sons don't give a toss about the commonfolk being ambushed and eaten. But a sandworm attacking their convoy─we can't have that! Sightings of Minhocao have long been reported near deposits and mines, particularly those that hold quantities of ceruleum. Alchemically similar to the sandworms' foremilk, the catalyst is a food source for the great worms. However, any attempt to lure Minhocao to the surface with the use of edible bait would necessitate very large quantities of food.”


Coerthas Central Highlands (Safat)

   JP Theory: Fall from heights (around cliffs?)

   JP Client Direct Translation:
   "In spite of his huge size, the dragon Safat has superior flight abilities. He often flies into the Sea of Clouds, but he can reappear out of nowhere when he hears screams. He's a brutal guy who preys on human fear. If you want to be a dragon slayer, you might be able to lure him out by thinking frightening thoughts that strike you with terror."

   English Client:
   “A winning combination of size and agility, the dragon Safat spends much of its time winging its way through the Sea of Clouds. A scream or two, however, never fails to bring the Safat streaking down to its prey, attuned as the beast is to human terror and misery. Cunning hunters have been known to work themselves into a delirium of fear in order to bait the dragon. Results have been mixed.”

   Mor Dhona

  Mor Dhona: Agrippa

   JP Theory: Open treasure maps in Mor Dhona near Rathefrost.

   JP Client Direct Translation:
   "Members of the Garlemald Imperial Army have developed a new model of magitek colossus. It's code-named "Agrippa"... i don't know whether the name was from a higher-up in the Garlean empire, but either way he's not happy with the activities of adventurers. Adventurers seeking out treasures seem to have instigated the new model. When you're doing activities in Mor Dhona, keep that in mind."

   English Client:
   “Agrippa. This magitek colossus is the newest of its kind and appears to have been designed as an anti-adventurer countermeasure. While the name is believed to be a tribute to an actual Garlean, no record of a likely honoree has been found. Ye'll want to be on yer toes in Mor Dhona. There was an adventurer huntin' for treasures an' the colossus mauled her somethin' fierce. Hard to kill a woman, though, hah! We die hard, ye know!”

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